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 Humans are very adaptable but that doesn’t mean we can thrive in extreme environments. For the most part, we perform optimally when the temperatures are more moderate and unfortunately ,up to now, our most effective way to counter the discomforts of “mother nature” was to  dress in layers or move our active lives indoors all together. The unfortunate part about adding layers in the cold is the restriction of movement. By contrast, when in the heat, you can only strip down so far before the decency laws kick in!
  Necessity, improved technology, and a better understanding of our anatomical thermo regulation has brought us a new method of temperature control apparel. We developed this system to take back the control of our comfort, so welcome to the revolution!

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Obstacles Course Racing

Surfing and other water sports

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Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts


 The Neptune Thermo Regulation System is composed of two parts that work together to help the body retain heat while in the cold. This system can also be used to assist in cooling the body while in a hot environment.
  Our patent pending system uses chemical body warmers or ice packs (sold separately) that are situated around the abdomen of the body so that you can maintain core temperatures while in hot or cold environments. However, this is only part of the story. The difference with the Neptune is in the details my friends!

Chemical warming systems were invented during WWI; however, these systems were often bucket sized. Only in the last 30 years have pocket size versions of these systems become popular. One problem with the chemical heaters is they are no longer effective if they get wet. Unfortunately, maybe the most important time to have such a heater would be when we were wet due to the rapid cooling effect that water has on us.

A second issue with the use of these kinds of body warmers is they are a great option for keeping warm for people who can wear layers of clothing to assist in the retention of the heat. However, for an individual who is active these layers of clothing can quickly result in overheating. On top of this, what if the person is in constant transition from moving then to a stationary position? This individual now has a thermo regulation issue.  Let’s take it to the most extreme example; an active individual who is constantly in and out of the water. How are they going to keep warm or, at the very least, prevent hypothermia?

 Enter The Neptune Thermo Regulation System. Our system is specifically designed to utilize chemical body warmers (sold separately) to their fullest effect; maximizing their heat transfer, and protecting them from water making this the only true “all weather” affordable thermo regulation system on the market.

  The Neptune Armor- a compression shirt specifically design to hold heat close to the body’s core to allow for the greatest amount of heat transfer and helping the body maintain its core temperature. The Armor’s pockets hold the Neptune Shields.

The Neptune Shields- waterproof but breathable pouches created to protect the chemical warmers from the environment as well as provide a thin barrier to the heat of the chemical warmers.

  This system has been designed to remain effective through a wide range of temperatures and in a variety of conditions. You choose the right configuration for your needs. The Neptune’s versatility is one of things that makes it so great. Did we mention that is is also highly effective and reducing heat related illness as well? Simply drop in ice packs in place the warmers and you are all set! You select the number packs needed and insert them into the pockets.

Keeping warm pre/post race

Watching your kid’s sporting event

Riding a motorcycle

Professional who works outside

Neptune’s Armor - Thermal Delivery System

Neptune’s Shields - Inferno Protection Pouches

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To help relieve low back pain

Training at the gym (plenty of pockets)

Use cold packs to decrease body temp

Perfect for skiing (think chairlift)

Training Runs with pockets for your stuff

Triathlon race/ training top

In addition, you can also use without the Shield Heaters for the following...


I  ran in my Neptune at a local race with just four of the six heaters when it was 43 degrees.It was comical. I had a dry-fit long sleeved shirt over it, 3 minutes into it I took the other shirt off. Everyone else had layers on. They all thought I was nuts until I told them I was overheating and explained the shirt. Its a good problem to have! Well done!

- Stacey from St. Louis, MO

While racing at World’s Toughest Mudder, I put it on around mile 30 (of 90) and kept it on through mile 50. Miles 30-40 was just the Neptune System and 40-50 was the Neptune plus a NRS top (wetsuit like top for kayaking). I had about 3 heat packs in and they performed well keeping me warm. I think I was one of the last people to put on a wetsuit at WTM, and it was because I had the Neptune. The shirt let me run without a wetsuit for longer, which was key to me getting 90 miles and a 8th place finish.

- Evan Perperis, Team Strength & Speed
from Nashville, TN

- Chris Balven Team Strength & Speed
and The Battle Corps
from St. Louis, MO


 Check out these videos to see demonstrations of the Neptune’s capabilities!

Science of the Neptune