To All NFL Players: The Science of staying warm in the playoffs

After watching ESPN over the last month or so and listening to former NFL players explain what these football players do to stay warm and still look mocho it has become comical to me. I am amazed that many of them don’t really understand with is important and what is a good idea and what it not.


The list below is the “skinny” on maintaining body heat during these cold weather football games but they are not in any particular order but will go from head to toe:

One of the biggest keys is to keep as many of your “pulse points” covered and warm as possible!

  • When you aren’t actively in the game take the helmet off and put on a skull cap
  • Wear a balaclava under helmet or at least a neck buff/neck gaiter
  • Wear a Neptune Thermoregulation System under your shoulder pads. This base layer will replace your current one and it provides circumferential external heat through body warmers that will last all day. This system will also block wind and will allow for better mobility and temperature control that using a wetsuit
  • Your normal Nike Dri-fit long sleeve compression shirt can be worn over the Neptune if you are opting for sleeves.
  • If you chose to go without sleeves or forearm protectors then wear a wrist sweat bands. The wrist is a pulse point so you want it covered if at all possible
  • If you wear gloves then place a Hot Hands Body Warmer (same type that goes in the Neptune) in the back of your gloves
  • Wear Nike Dri-Fit Thermal Tights under your pants
  • Wear full length compression socks with a Smartwool base layer running sock underneath. This added layer will help keep your feet dry and warm

Other points to consider that are not apparel related:

  • Make sure you are thoroughly warm before the game
  • Put on the large game jacket as soon as you come out of the game
  • Drink warm liquids throughout the game
  • Keep your feet warm by using the foot warming heaters. There are multiple pulse points in your ankles and feet so keeping these warm is essential
  • Use Vaseline on your arms and face. It will help hold in heat and protect from wind burn
  • Get as thoroughly warm as you can at half time. Warm those pulse points with warm towels
  • ALCOHOL WILL NOT MAKE YOU WARMER. It can actually decrease your core temperature due to sending blood to the skin

If you have any other questions please contact me. It’s better than using Cayenne pepper!


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